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Peter Tan

Founder of Cell Energy


Educational Therapist, EEG Clinician,

PEMF Specialist, Brain, Body Health Researcher

Since surviving from Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2015, Peter Tan has dedicated himself to full-time research and training of research proven, natural, non-invasive form of bio-electromagnetic devices. After a year of clinical trials with PEMF devices, Cell Energy was developed with an existing PEMF device manufacturer as an OEM product. Cell Energy devices are uniquely tuned and are sold exclusively in Southeast Asia. Similar looking devices do not have the same technical specifications as Cell Energy and do not carry the same beneficial outcomes.

Cell Energy devices use a computer or a control unit to administer precise natural pulsed magnetic fields to the body. Since he started sharing about these devices, he has seen this technology help many people in such a profound and life-changing way.

In his research, Peter discovered that more than 10,000 scientific papers have been published about the positive healing effect of PEMF. Many of the initial studies have been carried out in Russia and Eastern Europe and more are taking place in the United States and all around the world.
These research have shown the benefits of PEMF to Reduced Pain, Reduced Inflammation, Increase range of motion, Faster functional recovery, Reduced Muscle Loss after surgery, Increased Tensile strength in Ligaments, Faster Healing of Skin Wounds, Enhanced Capillary Formation, Accelerated Nerve Regeneration, and Reduced Tissue Necrosis.

At APCOT’s Cell Energy lab, different PEMF researched frequencies were tried and tested and the results confirm earlier clinical data. To date, at APCOT’s Cell Energy Therapy Clinic, these specific PEMF frequencies are used to treat chronic problems and conditions and results have been very positive and encouraging. Kindly contact us at our hotline +65 9113-3822 for an appointment to experience Cell Energy PEMF Therapy.  Note that Cell Energy PEMF Therapy provides energy to cells to enable the body to heal itself.

 Cell Energy PEMF Products are registered in Asia as Wellness devices and contain no medical claims to heal any medical conditions. Persons with chronic conditions should first consult their medical doctor. 

Cell Energy PEMF products are safe to use, non-invasive and free from side effects. In the European Union and Canada, some of these PEMF devices are used in many medical institutions for healing and recovery from trauma, cellular regeneration and treatment of pain associated conditions.