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Do contact us at for a free  Cell Energy Trial if you have a chronic illness that you have for years and are seeking an alternative therapy.

Singapore Cell Energy Therapy:

135 Jurong Gateway #04-339

Singapore 600135

5 mins walk from Jurong East MRT , Next to JCube Mall,  Same Floor as SATA )

9113-3822, 65670080 (1pm-6pm, Tues – Sun)

 Cell Energy Pro

Our Cell Energy Therapies are non-invasive, safe and have no side effects. Application of the good frequencies to the body will markedly improve your blood circulation and greatly increases ATP production of the Mitochondria. Cell Energy enhances all the channels, pathways and delivery of the essential elements needed to create energy in the mitochondria: oxygen absorption, hydration, assimilation, circulation, and the energization of the cellular pump (TMP or Transmembrane Potential).  Having an efficient and healthy mitochondria system will go a long way towards enabling your body to heal itself. 

Possible Outcomes.

After First Session: Feeling more energised and revitalised.

Within 1 month of continued use of Cell Energy: Experiencing improvements in several areas of health.

Within 3 months of continued use of Cell Energy: Seeing significant improvements in condition. A medical checkup would be good at this point to verify it. 

Disclaimer: Cell Energy Therapy is not a medical procedure. Individuals should always consult a medical doctor first with regards to their condition or illness.