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Increasing Cellular Energy with PEMF  is easily one of the most effective approaches towards powering the mitochondria. This is mainly because of its beneficial effect on the mitochondria in our cells which like batteries are the source of our energy. The result is a far greater production of energy in each cell which in turn increases the ability of our body to repair itself.

Why is powering the Mitochondria important?

Many clinical testings have clearly substantiated the very root cause of gene mutations and damage is the breakdown of the mitochondria. If a cell is healthy, it has between 70 to 1000 mitochondria. When the mitochondria breakdown and thus fewer and fewer in number, they send out distress signals to the nucleus of the cell which in turn sends out messages for the other parts of the body to start producing energy in a different and damaging way rather than the mitochondria.

When energy is produced from other places in the cell, it causes tremendous oxidative damage throughout the cell as well as to the genes which is what causes the cell to become cancerous.  

The strong evidence suggests that keeping the mitochondria in top shape is not only extremely powerful to prevent and reverse cancer but virtually all diseases such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases such as Parkinson’s and so on.